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About Kay - The Movie gal


I am a film critic, writer and film historian. But above all,  I am a film fan. I was touch by the power of the movies at a very young age and I became an ardent fan - especially of MGM musicals. 

As I grew into adulthood, my love for the movies changed as I did. First, I was captured by the "other worldness" of Star Wars and I have sought out great science fiction since seeing this epic. 

When films started to become available on VHS tapes, I spent hours on my weekends off with my mother watching classic films that she loved when she was young. I guess you could say that the love for cinema runs in my blood.

I came to this job somewhat late in life, but I love every minute of it. From interviewing new filmmakers to covering the Oscars' red carpet, I never dreamed a job could be as satisfying as it is.

My work goes beyong that of a critc, I am also a film historian. I am most intrigued by silent films of the 1910's and I am working on a biography about silent film vamp Louise Glaum. 

Most of all, the love of cinema has brought me great friendships. Who could ask for more?

"The only drama I seek, is that on the silver screen," Kay Topping-Shackleton



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