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The best comedy of 2015 is 'The Little Death'

Rating: ★★★★★

Smart romantic comedies are hard to come by in an era when bathroom humor is the usual fare at the movies. As many entertainment magazines have been writing about the death of the romantic comedy, actor Josh Lawson has released his directorial debut with "The Little Death," and proves that right wit, the romantic comedy is not dead and people can be entertained without insulting the audience.

"The Little Death" tells a story about five couples and how their relationships change and evolve as their sexual fetishes come to the surface. Connecting the story, is a new neighbor to the five couples that has trouble finding just the right time to introduce himself.

The most famous of the cast in "The Little Death," is Lawson, himself. But this ensemble is more than pleasing in their parts. In fact, by using unknown actors, who are excellent actors as well, the audience will find they will easily connect the stories on the screen.

"The Little Death" deftly combines a little bit of naughty business, with lots of humor (some of which is on the dark side) and heart. This is not an easy task. The jokes are smartly intertwined within the story and just when they reach the absurd, they are held back. This helps balance the film and tell the story about the relationships as well, which is at the heart of this romantic comedy.

Production design in "The Little Death" was specifically tuned to make Sydney, Australia look like almost any middle income neighborhood in the world. And the last and really pleasing additions are select songs that help to connect the stories and provide a smart way of shaping the tone of the film.

If you have been tired of the comedies that have permeated the local multiplex, then you owe it to yourself to make sure you see "The Little Death." Also, with the sexual titillation, laugh-out-loud jokes and a true heart to the story, no film will match "The Little Death" for a date night movie.

"The Little Death" is rated PG-13 and has a run-time of 96 minutes.

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