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Meet Josh Lawson - filmmaker & star of 'The Little Death' this Saturday night

Cinémas Palme D'Or in Palm Desert presents an exclusive screening of the new film "The Little Death" and a live, in-person Q&A session with director/writer/star Josh Lawson("Anchorman 2"). The event takes this Saturday night, July 11, after the 6:45 pm screening of the motion picture. Seating is first come, first served, please arrive - tickets are available

Actor Josh Lawson has just seen the release of the first feature film that has written and directed in "The Little Death." This film tells a story about five couples and how their relationships change and evolve as their sexual fetishes come to the surface. Connecting the story, is a new neighbor to the five couples that has trouble finding just the right time to introduce himself.

Lawson describes how he was inspired to write "The Little Death", "My friends and I were at a dinner party, having a few glasses of wine and we were talking about sex fetishes. It became a very fascinating conversation. We were all being very candid about what turned us on, what made satisfied us and how shocking it was when our partners revealed their own fetishes to us. After the conversation, I wondered how to get this story on the big screen. I wanted something that evoke the same kind of feelings we were having around that table, which were: feeling a bit naughty, feeling a bit turned on, and feeling a bit ashamed - all feelings and titillation that goes along with the subject of sex. I've seen a lot of movies and nothing had ever came close to that. So, I started researching fetishes. During my research, I found that there were a million stories to be told, much more than could be put in one film. Well, there is definitely enough for a sequel."

"The Little Death" has won the audience award at two film festivals and has been getting rave reviews from critics, including a rave from the picky Rex Reed.

"The Little Death" is rated PG-13 and has a runtime of 96 minutes.

Cinemas Palme D'Or is located at the Westfield Shopping Plaza at 72840 Highway 111, Palm Desert, CA.

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