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Tony Hale dishes about his 3rd Emmy nomination for 'Veep'

With the presidential race just starting up for the 2016 elections, it is ever so easy to see that there is sometimes a fine line between politics and humor. HBO's comedy "Veep," is probably the best comedy in television history to play with these seemingly polarizing topics. With Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the helm of "Veep," there could never be a better supporting staffer than Gary nor a supporting actor than Tony Hale - who embodies the character of Gary with finesse and comic flair. In this exclusive interview, Tony dishes on his tenure on "Veep" and his thrilling third Emmy nomination.

Tony Hale just started rehearsals this Wednesday for the new season of "Veep," and he has only great things to say about his work, "They give us all this time to rehearse and find out what works. We do a lot of improvisation. The writers give us a fantastic foundation and framework to work with and we have the freedom to throw out our own ideas. What is so great about 'Veep' is there are no big egos involved, everybody is so open to contribute. It makes the show better and I am so thankful to be a part of it."

Hale tells that the writers of "Veep," are definitely inspired by current politics, "The writers are in their own little world and I look forward to the surprises they bring to the show."

This is Hale's third, consecutive Emmy nomination and the excitement has not waned for Hale, "The first time I found out I was a flat out in shock. It's still shocking, but now it is more just so exciting. It's such an honor to me and I really never imagined being so honored. I am just incredibly grateful. It's a list I never thought I would be on. It's sometimes still overwhelming. I just love the show, the people I work with and at the foundation of all of it I am just thankful to have a job."

In my Emmy win two years ago, the one thing I was so happy to do was to be able to thank publicly the Young Actors Theater in Tallahassee, Florida. I grew up in that theater and it was a place that helped me find out what I loved to do. It was a huge gift to me to be able to thank them."

Tony has been a fan of two incredible comedians - Bob Newhart and Tim Conway, "I got to meet Tim Conway, but so far not Bob Newhart. The thing I loved about Newhart is that he never pushed the comedy. He would stand amid the tension of comic situation and just sit in it. It was so fun just watching him. But beyond their incredible talent, both men are just nice guys. In a industry of such crazy people, it is so nice to know people like Newhart and Conway are nice and kind people."

Coming from this reporter, I can truly add one more person to this list of just really nice and kind people, and that is Tony Hale. He has taken inspiration from Newhart and Conway in this way too. And it appears that Tony lives the L. Frank Baum saying, "A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others." It's really hard not to be rooting for this Emmy nominee to win!

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