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'A Different World,' star Jasmine Guy chimes in on Bill Cosby

At a local Q&A event in Palm Desert, California - dancer, singer and actress Jasmine Guy, and former star of Bill Cosby's show "A Different World," while promoting her new film "Big Stone Gap," made it clear what she thinks about the controversy surrounding rape allegations made by several female actresses.

The event, held at Cinémas Palme D'Or in Palm Desert, last night on Friday, October 16, 2015, was to promote Guy's new film. But moderator Bill Feingold, radio personality from KNEWS in Palm Springs, could not let the evening pass without asking the question of everyone's mind (see attached video), "Did Bill Cosby ever give you a pill and a glass of wine?"

Guy's answer was emphatic, "No, you best believe that you would have known way before now. I am 53 years old and if that had ever happened to me, we would all know if before now.

When asked if she was surprised by the current allegations, Guy responded, "Do we want to talk about this? Because, I don't. I want to talk about Adrianna's movie and that's why I am here. I'm really trying not to talk about that. I don't know any more than you all do. I don't think it is fair to ask me about something... I'm not a barbershop, beauty parlor kind of person. If I really don't know, then I am just like everybody else throwing their opinions out there. I do have many comments, but I do not have a comment about it in a format with people I do not know."

Last night's Q&A is a great example of how anyone that has worked with Cosby is being hounded with questions about something that most of them have nothing to do with the current situation. Guy responded truthfully with conviction and held her ground in the midst of lurid allegations about her previous boss.

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