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TV and film Icon Garry Marshall announces news about a 'Princess Diaries 3'

It was our first Q&A since the news hit that our theater, the true movie lovers of desert, that Cinemas Palme D'Or had lost its lease and was closing its doors on June 30. Many theaters would just throw in the towel, screen movies until the end and leave quietly as another theater chain takes over, but that is not Cinemas Palme D'Or's style. Last night, the theater offered another chance to meet a genius of the entertainment world - Garry Marshall. After screening his latest film "Mother's Day," which starred Julia Roberts, Garry Marshall took to the stage and made theater goers forget, for just a moment or two, that their theater was going to be gone. And as magical things happen while in the presence of a master, it was learned that lovers may possibly see a third film from the "Princess Diaries."

Marshall, who is 81 years old, showed no sign of slowing down. His mind was sharp as a tack as he recounted his early days in television, writing for Jack Parr's "The Tonight Show," writing for Lucille Ball for "The Lucy Show," and bringing "The Odd Couple," to TV.

He fielded questions from the audience with a sweet and upbeat demeanor that made it completely clear why movie stars that have worked with Marshall in the past remain so loyal.

Marshall spoke of his TV hit "Happy Days," and how the series evolved and changed. He told of getting a job for his sister Penny Marshall after his mother pleaded with him over the phone, complaining about the men Penny was dating.

In the only sad moment of the night, Marshall got quiet when asked about the death of Robin Williams, "That was the last time I cried," said Marshall. "He was a genius, I know. I was there right at the beginning when I hired him to play Mork ('Mork & Mindy)."

Marshall also spoke to his movie formula, "I like to make movies that families can watch together. I like to make movies about positive things in life."

And it isn't a surprise that his formula is still making film goers still happy as "Mother's Day," is still in the top five at the box office this weekend.

Audience members also learned that appears that a "Princess Diaries 3," is in the works. "About a month ago Anne Hathaway came to my office, very pregnant, sat down, turned on her computer and all of sudden we were also talking to Julie Andrews in Long Island," said Marshall. "It's now up to Disney to announce it, but there is talk of a 'Princess Diaries 3'."

Marshall is just one example of the filmmakers and stars that Cinemas Palme D'Or has brought to the film going public in the desert. T.S. Elliot once wrote, "This is the world ends, not with a bang but with a wimper." It's obvious that Cinemas Palme D'Or is bucking this idea.

The theater has two more special events scheduled for May. The first is a free screening of "All the Way," the HBO film starring co-owner Bryan Cranston. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Cranston and director Jay Roach. The screening is free to only Grand Prix members to Cinemas Palme D'Or. The final event will be a Q&A the following evening with superstar Colin Farrell after screening of his new film "The Lobster." This final Q&A will be moderated by co-owner Bryan Cranston and is already sold out, tickets went quickly and were gone within days of the announcement.

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