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'Love Finds You in Valentine' comes to DVD this Tuesday

If you are looking for love story with that classic film feel, Anchor Bay Entertainment is set to release the romantic tale, "Love Finds You in Valentine," that screened on the UP channel a few months ago. "Love Finds You in Valentine," is a great example of a romantic tale good for any lazy summer day. You can now own the film that you fell in love with, when it screened on UP earlier this year.

In "Love Finds You in Valentine," Kennedy Blaine (Michaela McManus) is a young woman studying for the bar exam when she finds out that her father has passed away, leaving her a ranch in a city called Valentine. His one stipulation is that she go to the ranch itself before selling it.

Valentine was the city in which her parents met and fell in love, but their families were bitter enemies and the young couple left Valentine for a better life. So, when Blaine comes to town she finds the feud is still alive - well, at least for the grandfather that was missing in her youth (played by Edward Asner).

But the country charm of her family ranch grows on Blaine and so does her fondness for the caretaker Steve (Diogo Morgado). Also on hand at the ranch is Steve's mother June (Lindsay Wagner), and the two help Blaine get acquainted with the ranch that she had planned to sell.

There is a contingent in town that is hoping to con Blaine into selling the ranch after declaring it an enterprise that is losing money. Things get dicey between the Blaine and those planning against her, but Steve is there to protect her and so he does.

With a beautiful landscape surround the two young couple, it's not hard to see how they also fall in love.

"Love Finds You in Valentine," is a beautiful film, both visually and in the love story it tells. It has a sweet tale of forgiveness and love and is a perfect Valentine's Day treat for any viewer.

To purchase your copy, please see:

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