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Film Review: 2015 'Fathers and Daughters'

Rating: ★★★★☆

When a tragic accident leaves a Katie (Kylie Rogers) without her mother, it is her father, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist (Russell Crowe) that must fill the void. Unfortunately, the same accident has caused him to have a psychiatric break that comes with occasional seizures and some family members deem him unfit. When Katie (Amanda Seyfriend) is grown, she is deeply troubled emotionally despite working for a post-graduate degree in psychology. And it is another writer (Aaron Paul) that comes into her life that just may mend what was lost.

"Fathers and Daughters," is an emotional story of love and faith in our own destiny to be loved. Many reviewers have called this drama as saccharine, too sweet and sentimental, but what does it mean if sentiment has no place in our lives? "Fathers and Daughters" has no superheroes and no special effects. Instead, this drama delves into the relationship between loving fathers and daughters.

Russell Crowe, who also serves as Executive Producer, plays the loving father. What a pleasure it is to see a father-daughter relationship that has respect, love and the bonds that all fathers and daughters should have in life. Even if, that bond was broken way too soon.

Amanda Seyfried, as the adult Katie, is equal to the task of creating a character that is giving and loving in a professional setting, yet struggles to put the emotions right in her personal life.

Aaron Paul, shows something new, in his portrayal of the man that brings Katie hope. His talents seem to grow with each film he takes on, and this is another fine example of his talents.

"Fathers and Daughters," was written by Brad Desch and was directed by Italian director Gabriele Muccino ("The Pursuit of Happyness"). The film also stars Octavia Spencer, Janet McTeer, Diane Kruger, Bruce Greenwood and Quvenzhané Wallis.

As our summers are bombarded with emotionless movies featuring super-human strength, I am happy to have found a film that is more interested in the strength of the human heart. Some may call that too sentimental, a family opera, but I call "Fathers and Daughters," a great treat.

"Fathers and Daughters," is rated R for some sexual content/references and has a run-time of one hour and 56 minutes.

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