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'Love Finds You in Charm' is both a charming & romantic tale

Rating: ★★★★★

American television viewers have had a bit of an obsession for stories about the Amish. I have a feeling that this obsession for a culture that hearkens back to a less hectic, less electronic lifestyle is a romantic break. And no better than a film about the Amish, is a new romantic film on UPtv called “Love Finds You in Charm,” which is set to be show on the network on Sunday, June 7 at 7 pm ET.

In, “Love Finds a Charm,” Emma Miller (Danielle Chuchran) is a young Amish girl that is coming to the time of her life that she has to make a choice. As all Amish teens transition to adulthood, they must decide whether they want to remain living the Amish life, enter the church and marry or leave Amish live and live life as an Englisher.

Emma seems happy with her daily live, but she dreams of living a modern life and is caught day dreaming and perusing modern magazines. But her favorite novel is “Pride and Prejudice,” in which Elizabeth Bennet lives a romantic life in 19th century England. Bennet’s fictional life resembles Emma’s own true life and it easy to see that Emma can relate to Elizabeth Bennet, perhaps more than modern girls.

Emma leaves her present beau in order to help out a cousin living in Charm, Ohio. This break will allow Emma the time she needs to see what kind of life she really wants to lead. Her visit to Charm will charm her in many ways – giving her more freedom she discovers a local library full of stories, a young English woman that becomes a good friend, an English man that has a liking for Emma and another Amish man that shares many of her own passions. Instead of simplifying her choices and giving her clarity, Charm makes Emma’s life full of more choices and gives her more thoughts of drastic differences between the two worlds that has her torn. Ultimately, Emma will find that her choice is much simpler than she really knows and that all the answers regarding her future lie deep within her own heart.

Danielle Chuchran feels very natural as Emma. She played the roll completely convincingly and brought a lot of life to the character. Hunky Trevor Donovan is handsome enough to be confused with one of the Hemsworth brothers. I liked him very much in the role, but I felt that his character was just a little too perfect. And Tiffany Dupont as Kelly makes a great modern girlfriend to show the contrast between the lives of both girls.

“Love Finds You in Charm,” sports a very well-written script and very nice production values. It is a simple and heart-warming story and not all too out of touch for the target audience of young adults living in a complex world. In fact, it is a refreshing, no frills romance that has that offers an extra factor that is a family-friendly film.

I have fans that yearn for stories that are relatable, have a base in morality and yet are entertaining. No doubt, “Love Finds You in Charm” is the just the perfect television film for these fans, and just about anyone else that loves a great story.

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