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International feud over 'The Interview' becomes a personal trip for movie fans

Many American's headed to the movies this Christmas day with an agenda that included more than just seeing a funny film with the family. Last night, movie goers used their hard-earned monies to buy tickets to see "The Interview," for all reasons. Some just wanted to see a funny film and are fans of the stars of the film. Others saw the opportunity to stand for an American principal that is often overlooked - our freedom of speech and expression. And a few, took this simple journey to stand up for something a loved-one fought for many years ago.

Theater goers at the independent art house Cinémas Palme D'Or in Palm Desert, California lined up to see "The Interview," all with different reasons for seeing the film on Christmas day.

Tom from Palo Alto had been following the controversy with Sony and was curious about the film and also wanted to make a statement, "We have the right to see the film. We might see just a mediocre movie, but we feel good about it. Americans coming to see the film is an example of how we value our freedom of expression."

Nick from Alberta, Canada has been following the controversy, but is really a fan of the modern comedy, "I really like what Seth Rogen and James Franco do, it's that outrageous style of comedy that I like. I think it's really funny that Kim Jon-un is getting upset about this. All through history political figures have been targeted in movies and there never was such a fuss over it."

Danny from Indio was just happy to see a good comedy, "It's so hard to find an original comedy from Hollywood these days. I am excited to see Seth Rogen and James Franco in 'The Interview.' I think the controversy over the film is a little over blown. Sony is a corporation and they can do what they want with their own property. I am glad that the small movie theaters like Cinémas Palme D'Or has been able to bring the movie to their theater. I know it was streamed on line and there is something to be said about seeing a film in a movie theater."

Carl from Palm Desert had a much more personal reason for attending a Christmas day screening of "The Interview," "This is my father (holding up a picture of a man in a military uniform with many military decorations), he was a Korean War veteran and he fought for and lost a lot of dear friends as well for us to have the freedoms we have today. So, I wanted to bring a piece of him to the theater tonight and tell North Korea to eat it! We've always made fun of foreign leaders and I am glad this all happened, it's a funny that comic movie brought out this topic."

Ultimately by American's feeling a patriotic twang for seeing "The Interview," Sony may make more money on this film than had Kim Jong-un and his communist regime had done nothing. And that by targeting Sony, North Korea just may have gotten the last thing they wanted - throngs of Americans seeing a comedy that buffoons their leader and banding together to stand for American freedoms.

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